Experience in the use Idealica

An illustrative example motivates the best to the improvement of one's own life and the pursuit of new achievements. Drops Idealica to lose helped weight Oksana from Vienna. You take your experiences with us.

Results of slimming Oksana from Vienna with Idealica

"I've lived half his life with the body ugly. The final push to the realization that I can improve their appearance, it was a banal thing in the store was not my desired size. I wanted to go to a company party and I'm very excited, what can I buy to do the right thing.

Nothing fits

The fact that the fashionable brand, not sewing clothes in my size, I knew my whole life. Occasionally, I managed to buy something in the shelves of fashion stores, these models have been cut, which should probably be free. To me, they seemed to be tight-fitting that, in General, a certain amount of life gave joy. But such gifts are not often met, the more I sewed, the things themselves, and sometimes to order. In stores for overweight, I have never seen models that I liked. I wanted to dress fashionably, and I had to work on it yourself.

Before the corporate Party, I had to sew a dress in the shops I have found nothing. I had to go there in the classic suit that was a bit inappropriate. The whole evening I did not feel comfortable, then came home and cried for a long time. This evening I lose the firm decision weight that would me it has always been.

As I began to lose weight

By the way, the physical stress that I absolutely did not have the habit. For me to understand how to self torture in the gym. I started with a diet. I grabbed the will in a fist and refused to sweet and flour.

Oksana took Idealica within 28 days

The first result I saw after two weeks - minus 6 kg. For the month of my diet I lost weight, only 9 kg, and felt that it was time to go to a new level and start to take money for weight loss.

Why I chose drops Idealica

I chose between green coffee, tea and L-carnitine. These funds are most effective. Over 100% overweight of complex control Idealica I have not heard before, but when I read reviews about this, suddenly interested.

I saw that the drops combine slimming the most powerful components and to decided to order Idealica.

The application of the funds was simple and understandable, as it was clear the drops to me, after reading the instructions. You use the drops, I started on the same day, but the effect of the application I noticed after 15 days. I have decreased appetite, and I have my diet even more rigid – now I'm eating only proteins, vegetables, fruits and nuts. What is amazing with Idealica I always felt well-fed, in the body the feeling of lightness and added energy.

At the same time progress was in the direction of improvement – for a month I have lost 7 kilograms. I felt just like a Princess. My character is a normal size and shape. Disappeared shapeless belly, which was more like a bag, the waist appeared.

I immediately took to update your wardrobe. Finally, I bought in the Shop everything I wanted! All the others adored me, colleagues cheered. After I got rid of the excess fat, I totally slipped and the entire wardrobe. I was look very stylish, and more and more colleagues turned to me with the request to sew, to give you something original.

I gladly took the orders, and earn you almost a second salary! Maybe I'm going with the time off from work and go to the studios. So with slimming Idealica has helped me to improve your life and the figure".